Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Why I'm not running on National Running Day

National Running Day!! It is certainly the holiday of holidays for runners. Yet, I am probably one of the few runners who is not running a single step today. Am I injured? Nope! All is well. I simply don't want to run today.

Yes, you heard that right. As much as I love running, trying to race two halves this month (and the lack of a race recap for the BK Half should tell you how stellar that went!) has left me mentally exhausted. I am so glad I haven't committed to a fall marathon, because running 10 miles right now seems miserable. I am the first to admit I am burnt out, and I'm glad I can use the summer as an excuse to put distance running on the back burner, and focus on some other activities.

I'm so excited to have started a Renaissance Periodization weightlifting program, and I'm looking forward to getting back into some sort of regular yoga routine. I have neglected lifting weights for a while, and I definitely missed it. I love lifting heavy shit and seeing muscles in my shoulders. I love feeling strong. I'm hoping that I can build some quads (#quadgoalz) and overall strength in my legs, and crush some 5k's this summer. That's about all I have as far as goals for now, and it feels wonderful. I do have some idea of what I want my fall goal to be, but it's far enough to where I don't need to think about it. Not right now.


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