Saturday, August 1, 2015

Introducing...Push Through Training

My Mission:
My goal is simple. I want to use my knowledge (as an RRCA Certified Running Coach/ACSM Certified Personal Trainer) and experience as a runner (including 26+ half marathons, and 6 marathons) to help you push through your boundaries and help you reach your running goals. Whether that goal is to run your first 5k, or to PR at your next half marathon, I can help you achieve it. All of my workouts are carefully planned to suit your fitness level and your goals.

Why "Push Through" Training?
Everyone has their issues. Lack of self confidence, never taking a rest day, not pushing yourself hard enough in a workout, or maybe you're new to running and you're not quite sure what to do. Each of these are a barrier that you need to "push through" in order to achieve your goals. (It goes with the theme of my blog too!)

Personalized Training:
Live in NYC? Awesome! That means not only can I create a customized training program for you, but we can schedule in person training sessions, so I can correct your form, help you keep track of those splits, and motivate you throughout your workout too!

Don't live in NYC? Don't worry, I can still create the same customized training program for you, but instead of weekly workouts, we can email, GChat, tweet, Facetime, Skype or communicate how ever else you'd like to! I will always be available to answer your questions and review your workouts with you.

What are your training sessions like?
It all depends on YOU. Your goals, your fitness level. As a general rule, there's a warm up, followed by a specific workout, a cool down, and some core work. There will also be some days which are rest days, and some days that are XT (cross training)

Ready to get started? Or just have a question about rates and scheduling? Email me at: samantha AT pushthroughphilly DOT com

What people are are saying:
Samantha was great! I needed advice about my form, she watched me on the treadmill and recorded me so that I could see what I looked like. She had a lot of great suggestions that I'll be using going forward.

I worked with Sam over 4 months to get my time down for the Staten Island half-- this included an in person meeting once a month, and a weekly training schedule. She was always available for advice and support via email, and even came to race/keep me on pace during some long runs (including a 10 mile race). In short, Sam really knows her stuff, and is exceptionally down to earth. I definitely know that without her help, there's no way I would've gotten my pace down almost a full minute! I can't wait to work with her again this coming spring.

I'm really pleased that Sam is my running coach. I was coming off a running injury so my goal was to successfully train for a half without serious injury. I wasn't quite sure what i needed out of a coach but knew I'd feel better having some guidance along the way. Sam's been great in that she is able to flex to my needs and she has been thoughtful about my training. She put together a training program that she constantly monitors and adjusts based on my performance and any travel, health, work interferences. Sam recently ran part of a race with me and another client to help with our pacing and then to cheer us on. I'd definitely recommend Sam as a coach who cares about what she does and about her clients goals.


Coach Samantha was great. Very thorough and patient. I'm a new half-marathoner in my early 50s, and she had lots of helpful advice and guidelines for me to consider.

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