Monday, September 20, 2010

The 20 Mile Milestone

Finally! The "dreaded" 20 Mile training run is behind me! No doubt it was a tough one. Starting mile 7 I wanted to quit. Stop running. Go home. But I knew I couldn't disappoint myself like that. I couldn't give up without a good reason. (like, if I got injured) Met up with a friend around West 30th st, and she tried her best to keep me motivated by singing "Eye of The Tiger" with my name replacing all the words. Got to love her.

Finally got into a groove at mile 16...yeah thanks. My body feels much better than I would have thought. Feet were a little sore (making me rethink my decision to wear my Brooks Adrenaline to the Asics 2150's have a lot more cushioning) calves are a little sore, but certainly no worse than last weeks run.

As I was enjoying my post run beverage (aka Jamba Juice Chocolate MOO'D) I was talking to my boyfriend on the phone and he asked me how it felt to have run 20 miles...I was quiet and thought about it for a was weird, but it didn't feel any different. No little light went off, no music, no balloons. I was just glad to be done. Glad to be able to SIT and relax and get off my feet for a little bit.

As the day went on I realized how proud I was of myself for sticking to it and hitting this huge milestone. "I'm one step closer to completing a marathon!" I told myself. One step closer indeed.


  1. you're 20 miles closer to being a marathoner! congrats on an awesome job Sam- you're an incredible runner :)

  2. Congrats on the Newport PR! Good luck in Philly! I also ran Philly last year as my first marathon...