Thursday, September 16, 2010

Counting your chickens before they hatch

Maybe it's just my personality, or maybe it's just a runner thing. Or a first time marathoner thing. Or something.

I'm in the middle of week 7, just two to three days before I run my first (of three) 20 mile runs. Although I definitely do have a bit of apprehension about it, mostly I've been feeling something else. Something that can loosely be translated to "CAN WE GET THIS OVER WITH ALREADY?!?!" It's not that I'm burnt out yet, but I'm thinking, really, do I need to do nine more weeks of this? Can't I just taper for two weeks and run a marathon?

This is the part of the blog entry where all the experienced runners/marathoners laugh so hard they fall off their chair.

My brain is already on to 2011. What new challenge I'm going to find, whether it's a sprint triathlon, a half Ironman, or the New York City Marathon. Maybe a combination of all three, or maybe none of the above.

I'm sure it's just a rookie mistake, but I'm just logging the miles, trying not to count all my chickens before they hatch.


  1. I see nothing wrong with looking ahead. Setting a goal or two for 2011 will give your training in the new year purpose. Of course, you should allow yourself a little rest after Philly!

  2. there's nothing wrong with that sort of thinking. you should try and enjoy all of the training though and look at it more as an 'evolution of sam' or, your new lifestyle. especially if you are going to keep going in 2011 and the years after, which is awesome by the way. but remember this: for some reason your first marathon (at least in my life) is so much more memorable and different than all the rest, so embrace and enjoy it and everything leading up to it! it's a life changer.

  3. Thanks for the wise words Baker :) I think it's easy to get caught up in a million other things and forget to savor the experience!