Monday, June 21, 2010

I've got a plan!

So it is official. I have a marathon training plan! Thanks to Runners World, and more importantly, lots of tweaking from Coach M ( who has been nice enough to lend me some of his marathon training advice. Parts of it seem pretty aggressive (THREE 20 mile runs??) but most of it seems really doable. I'm already doing weekly speed workouts, and for three weeks prior to the Brooklyn Half I had already been doing 20-23 miles per week. I'm really excited to start training, but I know those long runs will kick my butt--at least in the beginning, and honestly, I'm just choosing to not think about them right now rather than psych myself out.

Pre-Plan (aka Building up a base)
  • JUNE
June has been all about getting back into a groove and trying to acclimate myself to the sudden heat/humidity. June is all about just running and enjoying myself and taking the time to enjoy the low mileage because this isn't going to last much longer!

  • JULY
July starts to get a little more serious. I'll be out of town for the holiday weekend, and I'll probably only get one 4-5 miler in, and that's fine. After that, going to focus on getting 3-4 quality runs in a week, aiming for 20 miles a week, which shouldn't be hard, but it'll take a little effort to not get lazy. Going to try and get some longer weekend runs in, focusing on getting comfortable with running 8-10 miles. There's something about that double digit that is still a little scary to me.

And then we head into August and its first week of 25 miles, which will be my highest mileage week ever. I'm looking forward to documenting the adventure ahead of me!

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