Monday, July 26, 2010

T-Minus 1 Week

Here we are! The last week of building up a base before those long runs get serious. And you know what? I'm really excited. Although it was far from perfect, I had a really solid 7 mile run on Saturday. What was most encouraging about the run was I was able to push myself when the run got tough, and the following day I wasn't sore. (Well, except for some pilates related soreness!) It was also encouraging to see I ran 16 miles last week, the most since the Brooklyn Half. Again, the runs have been tough, but I think a lot of that has to do with the high humidity and high temperatures we've been having in New York this past week!

There was something about that simple, aimless 7 mile run that clicked in me. It reminded me why I LIKE long runs. How there's something nice about waking up at 6am, when the world is still quiet, and hammering out those miles by yourself. That purifying, restorative feeling. I am really looking forward to my long runs. I can't wait until next weekends long run.


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