Sunday, August 29, 2010

August Milestones

So the month of August is just about over and the first 4 weeks (aka one quarter) of my marathon training is done.This week was also supposed to be a rest week, but somehow (that's a lie, I know exactly 'how'!), I ended up running 27 miles, which is the highest mileage week I've ever had. That also means that I pulled in 91 miles for the month. That's pretty crazy for me, the only time I've come anywhere near that is when I was training for the Brooklyn Half. And what's even more encouraging is that I don't feel burned out.

The legs are definitely feeling tired, but other then that I can't complain. I'm still waiting for them to realize what's going on. Still not quite used to running 10+ miles every weekend, mentally or physically. Also, after my post run nap, I wake up feeling terrible...almost hungover. I'm taking that to mean dehydration, which is hard to believe when I've been drinking 30oz on a 10 mile run. Taking the foam roller out of the closet for a little QT. May invest in those silly compression socks, we shall see. I'm also getting low on Gels...time to make another order at Hammer Nutrition and get some Recoverite as well since I'm running low on protein powder too!

Not really sure what next week/month has in store for me! 16 mile long run should be amazing, meeting up with various friends during the course of the run, so I should have lots of motivation/support.


  1. Nice work!!! Your running has been awesome this month :)

  2. Thanks! I totally forgot that we have out speed workouts on Tuesday, which is the I'll hit more like 95-97 for the month!!

  3. Keep it up dudette. I would strongly suggest you to invest in recovery socks. They are GREAT ! Can't wait to hit the street of Philly.