Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Breaking the 13.1 Barrier

Ack! It's here already! We're only into week 3 of marathon training and this weekend has come already. I have 14 miles to run this weekend. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I have my route all planned out, and looking at the route itself is kind of scary.

Mapping Courtesy of Daily Mile

I mean look at it! I'm practically running through the entire borough of Brooklyn! I plan on taking advantage of the last weekend of Summer Streets, and starting up around East 57th St, following Park Ave all the way downtown, over the Brooklyn Bridge, down Flatbush Ave, through Prospect Park, and down Ocean Parkway, until I end around Ave X, which is not only near my home, but it leaves me very close to one of my favorite bagel stores in Brooklyn. I'm already planning my post run coffee and bagel. 

God, I'm tired just writing about it. I estimate it'll take me 2:20:00 give or take. They're predicting partly cloudy and a high of 84 degrees, which isn't too bad considering how much worse it could be. I'm hoping I wont have to stop and walk too much. I'm hoping my legs don't cramp up and I collapse on the bike lane of the Brooklyn Bridge. I'm hoping I actually have fun. Next week is a cutback week, only 6 miles for my long run. Phaw! That's easy. 

How did you guys prepare yourself mentally for your long runs? Any comments on my route? 

I'm just telling myself to break it down into sections and I'll get through it. 5 miles to the bridge. 5 miles to Ocean Parkway, 4 miles till BAGEL BOY.

Finishing our Jamba Juice Mini 5k last weekend


  1. You can do it Sam- I have total faith in you!

  2. I like the way you have mentally broken up the distance... that helps A LOT! I seperate my long runs into "Gu Breaks"... every 5 miles I get a delicious treat!

    Good luck... and make sure you bask in the glory of running over a half marathon for training run. It's a pretty cool feeling!

  3. You can do it! Just keep it nice and slow. Do you have friend(s) that can run part of it to break it up for you? That always helps me. When I have had a long run to run by myself, I find that a good book on tape on my iPod works wonders. Then I usually need music to get me through the last couple of miles.

    Good luck!

  4. Madison- I love looking at it as delicious treat breaks! That is too funny. I love my delicious treats! Maybe I should bring a cookie with me for mile 10 :p

    Lisa--I will absolutely have music with me for some of those miles. Again, around mile 8-10 I'll definitely need to pump in the tunes. I'm talking with a friend and it's likely we'll meet up for the last 5 miles or so which should help TREMENDOUSLY! I'll likely be hallucinating at that point and my conversation will be minimal, but it will be comforting to have someone there!

  5. I'd love to run some of the Manhattan/Bklyn Bridge miles with you!! :D When (day/time) are you running it?

    The night before I embarked on my longest half mara training run of 14mi, I couldn't sleep because I was so stressed about it!!!! It ended up being a SUPER run and the stress was unnecessary. I had never run over 12 without some kind of break before, and I felt pretty great almost the whole time and never even considering stopping because I had so much great momentum that I was afraid to lose. I think the thing that made it so great was a new playlist, a new course, and bringing water with me (a treat! i NEVER bring water when I run).

    You'll love it!!

  6. Robin, I would LOVE your company, but I think you would be running circles around me!! I'll be starting in midtown on Saturday around 8 or 9am.

  7. Noo I promise I wouldn't!! For some reason for the past couple days my legs have been more sore than they've ever been in my entire life haha. Basically my motivation to run is waning faster than my legs will allow me to run :p
    I'd probs run up to midtown from my apartment & then head back downtown with you from there. Let me know! :)

  8. Robin--that sounds awesome. If you're up for the 9:40-10 pace, I would love the company! I'll message you via Dailymile (or email if you prefer) when I figure out what time I'm leaving!

  9. looks like an awesome route! I'll watch for you, i'll be doing a long run on Summer Streets too!

  10. Definitely Baker! I'll probably be wearing bright pink :p You're more then welcome to join me for bagels afterwards ;)

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