Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week 1 - Done & Done!

Week 1 of training has come and gone...19 miles, not too shabby. Though I did miss one workout, I still ran 3x and put in a great effort on my Sunday long run (10 miles) It was an interesting run because usually 10 miles (or any double digit run) throws me for a mental loop. I have no idea why, but this week it really didn't. Even when I was struggling, I would take a walk break, take a sip of water, and keep going. There was never a second in my mind when I thought about quitting--it simply isn't an option. Even if I had to walk every 3 minutes and it took me 4 hours, I would have made myself finish the run. (Thankfully, it took me only an hour and 38 minutes.) I'm not sure where this toughness has come from the past few weeks, but I know I will certainly need it more than ever in the next 15 weeks.

As I type this, Week 2 is already half over! Time is really flying by!

"There is only one big thing—desire. And before it, when it is big, all is little."


  1. Great start to your training! Pretty soon 10 miles will feel like a short run :-)