Thursday, November 11, 2010

I finally get the taper...

So, here we are! Just a beautiful 10 days out to the Philadelphia Marathon, which means I am, indeed, in taper mode.

I am probably the only runner I've ever heard say that they actually enjoy the taper. It's giving my legs a much needed rest, and it's giving my fried brain a rest as well. But today, 10 days out, I finally realize why the taper is so torturous.

I am equal parts "OMG YAY MARATHON!" and "Oh my god...what did I sign up for???" All of these feelings swirl around in my stomach and just sit there. Most of us would then just choose to go on a run to burn off all these feelings and extra energy. But you can't. I ran 4 miles this morning and felt great. My legs feel really fresh, and it was such a beautiful morning and I just enjoyed being out there on the boardwalk.

Then there's just the stress of packing, figuring out WHAT to pack, traveling, weather, meeting up with people, figuring out how I'm going to get to the start, and other unexpected things to worry about. (And you can ask my boyfriend, I am an expert worrier!) I know all of these things in the long run are nothing (no pun intended!) but somehow being more sedentary seems to just exacerbate everything.

One last long run this weekend (8-10 miles) seems like nothing. I tried to pick one of my favorite routes, because I know this is the last long run I'll probably do for a few weeks. I'm thinking some Central Park, some Riverside Drive. I love running up towards to GWB, the paths and scenery can be amazing, though it's been a bit windy/chilly the past few times I've run it. I know as I run this final long run I'll be thinking about all my friends I cheered on in NYCM and how their races inspired me. I'll be thinking about myself, reflecting on the past 14 weeks, and the 400+ miles that I've run since August. (for reference, I ran 500 miles total in 2009.)

Most importantly I'll be thinking about those 26.2 miles.


  1. Seems quite familiar ;)
    Felt great resting the first few days & now I'm just freaked! But excited too.
    Dont worry about all the details- it'll be smooth & easy. Let me know if you want to chat about it!

  2. same boat here. Ive made 3 different packing lists, have gotten everything out and put it back at least twice now. Im sure my wife will have me committed soon....10 more glorious days!