Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My goals

I admit it, I was having a weak moment last night. A moment where I wanted to give up on everything and let myself gorge on sweets and junk and let my butt mold into the sofa cushion.

After I got some sense slapped into my head I realized what gets me so down about my expectations and my goals. These goals are not goals for my body. Every female (well, maybe at least female runner) would love a body like their favorite athlete, but you know what? That's not a realistic goal. There's no way you're going to see me at the gym for 4+ hours a day, running 75+ miles a week. I have no desire to turn my life into that, just for what? To get a "perfect body"?

I think I need to start focusing on what's best for me, and my body. What do I want to focus on? What do I need to focus on? Starting with fresh goals and a better mindset, I'm hoping to never feel like giving up is an option, ever again.


  1. Right on Sam! I totally understand those moments when your goals seem so unreachable because they're not realistic for who you are, and those are the moments when it's just so tempting to throw your hands up and give up. Looking forward to hearing your new goals as they emerge :)

  2. ya know, if your goals didn't feel overwhelming sometimes, then you probably aren't dreaming big enough. :) it's ok to feel like that.. it'll be that much sweeter when you stick it out!