Monday, May 16, 2011

Superhero Half

I usually am slow to update my blog post race...having to wait for the official pictures and such. But Saturday I had a friend tell me they liked reading my blog and I should post more often! Blush! I told her I'd write one up post race ASAP!

Originally I had no goals for this race, especially with the forecast threatening rain and thunder. I thought, "I'll just be happy to get through this race with all 10 toenails!"

As Joe and I arrived at the start we waited on an extremely long porta-potty line...and then ran across the starting line.

I felt pretty good in the beginning. I knew the course was a "flat" double loop. My plan was to follow Joe as long as I could. He/we started out pretty aggressively. But I felt good. I knew I was probably breathing a little heavy, but kept it up to see what would happen. Mile 4 there was a NASTY hill. I stopped to walk up it, thinking "Shit...this will be waiting for me at mile 10..." A few of us remarked that we thought it was a flat course, um no! Caught up with Joe, and around the 6 mile mark I wasn't feeling quite right. I figured I should take a gel at the next water station.

Mile 7....I feel like death. I could not catch my breath. Totally embarrassed that I am breathing so hard on this flat street...especially after I just told Joe I was on track to PR. Yeah, I knew I was going to jinx myself.

Miles 7-10 were such a struggle. I lost whatever chance I had of 2:07-2:10 in those miles. Every incline caused me to totally loose my breath. I walked so much just trying to keep myself together. I know Joe wasn't racing, but it killed me to see him wait for me, but at the same time I was so grateful he was there to keep me going

At the top of that nasty hill at 10, there was a coach motivating us all. He was truly amazing, I almost started crying. Tried my hardest to get myself together mentally for the last 5k. Finally by mile 11, I could feel the end nearing. There was a little bit of camaraderie and chit chat between us running and that made me happy. It this point I knew even 2:10 was not going to happen and I was definitely disappointed.

I saw Joe surge ahead and I was happy to see that he was going to finish strong.  I hit the 13 mile marker and everyone was cheering. I started counting down 60...59....58...57...56... I always try to finish with a nice burst of speed and I heard a few people yell out "Go Odwalla! Finish strong!" and I tried to just push push push.

I crossed the finish line and felt ill. My stomach was in knots (something that also plagued me in the second half of the LI Half) and I felt boarder line lightheaded. I was glad to be done. I was glad I finished the race.

I'm not sure what the lesson is from this race. I think my nutrition could use improving. I think mentally I can't freak out mile 7-10 because it really just makes things miserable.

Definitely a lovely race overall, with TONS of food at the end. Nice medal, nice shirt. Definitely loving these out of state races.

Next up, NYRR Wall Street Run on Tuesday, then finally, Reach The Beach is here!!

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  1. You put in a good effort, it just wasn't your day. Stick with the training, and the payoff will come. The weather certainly didn't make it any easier. It was fun being out there, and getting in the miles. Will definitely do again soon.