Monday, June 27, 2011

NYCM - It begins

Just over 24 hours ago I raced the Fairfield Half. It was probably the hardest race I've ever run, and my time was about 10 minutes slower than any half I've run this year. I even gave Willrunforbeer the middle finger when I saw her after the race, despite the fact she slaved over a hot stove to cook me pasta and meatballs the night before. Sorry :) Instead of dwelling and writing a post about that race, I've decided to move forward and write a post about something more positive.

Sharon & I sporting our awesome Team Sasquatch shirts before the race!

The good thing is, today my legs feel pretty great. A little sore, but not really too bad, which is good news, because it is officially time to start training for the New York City Marathon. I have a pretty hefty goal in mind (which I won't write about yet) but I'm kind of excited. Although yesterday during the race I remember saying how much I hated running. (oops...) I guess I'm excited to see how much progress I've made since last years marathon. I've improved in my shorter races, though I've yet to find a half marathon PR so far this year. I feel like the improvement will be there. Marathon training is the perfect time to do some inner reflection, and I always feel stronger after every long run. I definitely am excited to do my first 14 mile run. Maybe I'll even do the same route I did last year and see how it feels.

Oh, and by the way. The neon pink Zensah sleeves? Totally worked.


  1. HEFTY GOAL: tell us! Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. You'll have to wait! I'd hate to give away the goal so soon only to find out it ain't gonna happen ;)

  3. 1. This weekend had some tough weather conditions so way to finish a half!
    2. Those Zensahs are hot!!!! Lovin' the color!

  4. Thanks! They worked out great on my run. I got so many "GO PINK SOCKS!" ;)

  5. They definitely live up to the title of "neon" :D