Sunday, August 7, 2011

Breaking the 13.1 year later

Believe it or not, this run was something I had been looking forward to for at least a month---my first 14 mile run of my NYCM training. To me mentally this just signifies the fact that I am training myself for something big. And although this wasn't a great run, I ended it feeling very strong, and that was definitely more encouraging than worrying about my pace.

Firstly, I must thank my stomach. I've never considered myself to have an overly sensitive stomach, though too much dairy (or fried food since I don't eat it often) tends to make it unhappy, I feel like I can eat pretty much anything. My long run routes tend to focus on where I'll end, and more importantly, what can I get to eat there? So I decided to run up Ocean Parkway, to Prospect Park and do two loops. I knew by the time I ran to Bagel Delight I'd be done. I was really craving some chocolate milk in my last mile of this run, and I was praying that they had some sort of low fat chocolate milk, or really, anything but Yoohoo. To my surprise, they had ONE container of Horizon low fat chocolate milk left. I ordered myself a wheat everything bagel with egg whites, turkey bacon, and a slice of swiss cheese (plus a small iced coffee!) I couldn't even wait to pay, I ripped open the chocolate milk and drank it like the happiest 3 year old ever. Seriously. So good, I wished they another one. But yes, thank you stomach for letting me eat all this post run and not making me have an embarrassing situation on the F train!

When I got home I immediately thought to look at my blog post from my first 14 mile run from last year.
Here's the link if you're interested: 14 Miles August 2010 Kind of funny that I was disappointed I didn't have a more epic write up last year, last year I was disappointed the run wasn't more epic.

My friend Allen said something that made me laugh in regards to my run today. I mentioned I felt like it took 10 miles for my legs to warm up, and I was kind of frustrated. He said " If it takes 10 miles to warmup, that means you have only 16.2 miles to race! :-D" 

I like his thinking!


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