Monday, October 31, 2011

Marathon Tip #4 Goals + My own

I often find it helps to announce goals to other people, it makes it seem more real and more concrete. It also helps put a *twinge* of pressure on you, though honestly that's the last thing I need!!

D - Anything faster than last years 4:53. Worst case, I still want to beat last years time.

C - 4:30. This time is totally doable. My incredibly hilly, tough 21 miler last weekend was about on pace for this. That would also give me a 20+ minute PR. Wait, and that's only my C goal???

B - 4:20-4:30 This would make me really happy. Very realistic. Possible 30 min PR? Oh yes, I'll take it.

A+ - Sub 4:20. My first 20 miler was amazing, and it set me up for a time around 4:18. According to my half marathon PR set just a few weeks ago, McMillan pegs me at 4:20. It is not a crazy pace for me (9:58) but I know I cannot afford to slow down too much towards the end. I need to force myself to NOT WALK just because I'm tired. Of course I will be tired. But I need to shuffle my little legs towards victory. This is the time I really, really, really, REALLY am striving for.


  1. I KNOW you can run a 4:20 marathon. You have worked so hard, progressed so far, and are SO ready for this. I think your biggest challenge will be the mental one - reminding yourself that you CAN do this - and not settling for anything less than the best you can give. NOW DO THIS!!

  2. Thanks Joe, I definitely know the mental side will be the toughest next week. I can't wait to see YOU kick some ass as well!!

  3. I'm with Joe - you have done INCREDIBLE work this year and your legs most definitely can carry you to a sub 4:20. Get your brain on board with that plan and you are going to have any amazing race next weekend! Can't wait to see you kill it!

  4. My goals are so similar! My first was 4:59, but I've gotten a lot faster since then. The crazy bastard McMillan pegs me at 4:04 based on my half PR, but...yeah...

  5. Just remember, I will be there at mile 24 to give you the energy you need for those last 2.2 miles. You will rock this marathon Sam!!!