Sunday, October 23, 2011


  1. Two other awesome hot spots in Brooklyn to reign it in:
    (1) Clinton Hill between mile 8 and 9 on Lafayette Ave. This is my favorite spot on the course to feel the crowd energy. It is amazing
    (2) Williamsburg and Greenpoint - from mile 11, right around when you go under the WB Bridge, to about 12.5 when you finish Manhattan Ave - narrow roads and lots of LOUD cheerers

    I've personally always been disappointed by the crowds on 1st Ave. Yeah there are a lot, but many of them just kind of stand around and watch, at least when the slowpokes like me go by.

  2. I'm with Scott - the First Avenue crowds are so hyped that once you get to them, it's sort of like "that's it?" They are great, but so are the crowds virtually everyplace else. I LOVED coming across the Bridge into Manhattan. It's really quiet and sort of the last moment you have to yourself before you hit First Avenue. Also, coming down Fifth towards the Park, the crowds are great, and I REALLY needed them.