Friday, November 11, 2011


PMS, See also: post [pohst] marathon [mar-uh-thon, -thuhn] syndrome [sin-drohm, -druhm]
Occurs within 24-48 hours of completion of marathon. Subjects will experience extreme mood swings, most often times anxiety, depression, and remorse. Once the onset of the condition has begun, symptoms can last for an additional 72 hours. More severe cases can see a persistance of PMS for up to 2 weeks. Most doctors recommend a treatment of beer (or another spirit of choice), cupcakes, and signing up for another race. 

Yup, looks like all the signs are there. I officially have a case of PMS. It hasn't even been one full week since the NYC Marathon, but man, it has been tough! I did a really short spin on Tuesday night to try and loosen up my quads. Some time Wednesday I regained the ability to walk down a flight of stairs, and Thursday night I went out for a beautiful, relaxed run. While it felt great, my quads were definitely very, very sore after 4 miles. Okay, I guess my body is still recovering. 

I haven't really imbibed too much (granted, I'm saving it up for Claire's amazing Beer Run on 12/2) but tomorrow I will be celebrating with a giant cupcake and three other friends.

Sign up for another race you say? Well, don't mind if I do. And don't mind me if I happen to sign up for another marathon...the Brooklyn Marathon, on November 20th. I'm not sure if signing up for another marathon will cure my PMS, or if it'll compound it to some crazy sort of super-PMS, but I figure I'm already trained for the distance....why not?


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