Monday, February 13, 2012

11 Questions

So, the hilarious Marython has tagged me in a quiz type thing, and asked the following 11 questions. Here are my answer!

 1. Other sports you’ve played in your life, whether in high school, middle school, or college. Sports? What are those? Aside from playing baseball in the playground when I was young, I never, ever played sports. I tried hard to do as little as possible in HS gym class!

2. Best race ever. Oh, this is a tough one. I would say maybe the Mini 10k in 2011. The 10k is a distance I hate(d) and my coach decided to run it with me because he wanted to be sure I raced it. It was kind of funny to see him running it along side me among a sea of women. My Garmin had me clocked in at an 8:59 pace, which gave me an almost 7 minute PR. Not only was I proud of myself for pushing myself WAY past my limits, but I was pretty proud I didn't puke at the end, either. Close second is the 2011 Staten Island Half.

3. How many times have you been in love? I'd say only once.

4. Pen or pencil. And why? Pencil! For some reason I love the feeling/sound of pencil writing on paper. Especially when I'm doing a crossword puzzle. Although I am a lefty and writing in pencil can be terribly messy.

5. Dream job. Another tough one! Geez. One of the following: Sound designer at Lucas Arts/Cartoon Network/Williams Street, or some sort of job where I can be active all day (trainer?, coach?)

6. Complete this sentence: “I feel most comfortable while…”  …let’s keep this PG, kids. when I'm with my man. 

7. Fav food. If I know you well enough, I may or may not make it for you, because I’m a decent cook/baker. Free food?! Yay! I have a giant sweet tooth, but my favorite food item may be either eggs or avocado. I can eat both pretty much everyday, but I don't. As far as cuisine goes, I love sushi, and Spanish food! 

8. Guilty pleasure. Um...not to sound lame, but I can't think of any. Again, I have a huge sweet tooth and for a while post marathon I was treating myself to a Crumbs cupcake...or two. 

9. Biggest pet peeve. Or you can have multiple. Pet peeves. Not to sound like a b!tch...but I have way too many to list here. My biggest running pet peeve is when people stop to walk 2+ across in the middle of a race course. Non-running pet peeve, is when people stand in front of the subway doors even though they are not getting off the train. I guess you can say these two pet peeves are very similar. Get out of my way people! 

10. If you could change ONE thing about yourself or your life, what would it be and why? I'd be less high strung. I tend to get super stressed very quickly about things. Also, living in the same state as my man would be a pleasant change. 

11. Pre-race ritual. Pasta the night before. PB on a cinnamon raisin bagel/bread in the am. And a cup of coffee is always a good idea!

Now, I'm not going to ask you 11 questions, but feel free to pick your favorite question and answer it! I want to know all your quirky answers too!


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