Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MCM, Week 3 and the Celebrate Life Half!

I'm sure you all noticed that there was no "training week 3" wrap up...that was because it was my birthday on Thursday, and I was out of town, and last week just wasn't that spectacular. Nor has this week been. Wait what week am I even up to right now?

So this seems like the perfect time to write about my second huge goal for 2012, Marine Corps Marathon! Yes, I was supremely lucky and was able to register within the first 3 hours. I have never done MCM, and honestly haven't been to DC since I was a teen. I'm looking forward to it, but I am also super nervous because I've already set some pretty high goals for myself.

See that photo? That's from probably the most scenic race I've ever done, the Celebrate Life Half in Rock Hill, NY. (Okay, laugh about the name of the race, it is kind of over the top) I was also a bit nervous about running this race, my first half of the year! It was definitely hilly, but the weird thing was, my legs didn't feel fatigued at all during the race, though I did hit a bit of a wall miles 5-8 that really slowed me down. But eventually I got over it, and ran the final 5k at a 9:30 pace, and finished in 2:10:13, which was my 4th fastest time. And it was about 12 minutes faster than last years first half marathon (a very undertrained Manhattan Half)

So I feel like I'm starting at a really good place this year. There are some definite strengths, and some definite weaknesses, but at least I know what they are and what to work on! I am definitely looking forward to running the Atlantic City Half on April 1st and seeing what I can do on a pancake course!

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