Thursday, March 29, 2012


I thought I was invincible. Tapering for a half marathon? Phsaw. Easy. Whatever. I wont even notice I'm tapering.

Yeah okay. So I'm starting to go crazy. I'm not sure why, because I ran about 27 miles last week. (13 over the weekend) I had a track workout on Tuesday that was about 5 miles total, and I have a 5 mile tempo run tonight. But my mind is going crazy. Friday is a rest day. Rest??? You mean, do nothing?? Impossible! I'm debating sneaking in a rogue yoga session tomorrow morning, or at least doing some sort of core/upper body workout, depending on how my shoulder is feeling. (Um, my coach doesn't read this, right?)

Feelings restless is a feeling that I unfortunately know too well, and I guess since I'm really excited for this race that's pretty much all I can think about at this point. I'm trying to wrangle up all my mojo, updating my iPod shuffle with all the best power songs I can think of, (I made a last minute decision to add "Paris" on there...) and planning my race day outfit (my favorite pair of capris, a singlet and arm warmers)

Further proof that I'm going taper-crazy? I've blogged twice in one week.

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  1. DJ Khalid, All I Do Is Win. I don't listen to tunes while I race, but I play this jam on repeat to get fired up, pre-run. Happy taper!