Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Aiming for Third Place

So over a week later, I am still running high from my Atlantic City Half PR. A few days after the race I had a crazy idea. Somehow I came across the JFK 5K Runway Race. I had know of the race for a while, I knew a few people who had done it last year and said that it was a cool race to do. I mean, even if it is not an active runway, getting to run on ANY runway is pretty cool. I remember when I was a teenager my dad would take me out to Floyd Bennett Field and let me drive out there. Very fun.

So, I was on the race website, and usually I look at the race results of previous years just to see how speedy the field is.

In 2011 the woman who placed 3rd in the 25-29 AG ran 24:57 (8:02) pace. In 2010 the 3rd place female ran 24:28. In 2009 it was 27:14(!)

Riding on my delirious runners high, I thought to myself...I could probably place 3rd in my AG if I have a really good race and all the stars aligned...I haven't run a 5K since last August, where I ran 26:55. (8:39 pace) Granted, that is two minutes off of last years 3rd place AG winner....but I know I definitely have a faster 5k in me. Last night was 4x1600 repeats, done in 8:24, 8:22, 8:19, 8:04, and if I use the McMillan calculator and plug in my half time, it gives me 8:20 as my 5k pace. (I'm a numbers girl, what can I say?)

So yes, I know running an 8:00/mile for a 5k is a lofty goal, and hoping that I place 3rd in my AG is an even loftier goal, but sometimes it's the little things that motivate us most.

I should mention this would be my first legitimate AG win....the last time I won 1st place in my AG was during a Long Island Road Runners 4 Miler....where I was sadly the only person in the 20-24 AG. Insert sad trombone.


  1. I'm sorry, listen to you being all blasé and saying, "The last time I won 1st place in my AG..." :)

    I assume you mean 1600m repeats (not 16000?). If you did all of those around 8:20, you can totally rock a sub-25 minute 5k, easily.

  2. 1600m, 16000, it's all the same thing ;) I meant mile repeats, but was trying to be fancy, and I failed!

    Thanks for your vote of confidence!