Wednesday, October 3, 2012

25 Days to MCM

It's unavoidable at this point. The days are drawing near, and though I feel confident, there is always a bit of trepidation.

Once the weather cooled off, I've had a string of good long runs, and I've been thinking a lot about my time, and how ambitious I should be.

In August I ran 139 miles. In September I ran 115 miles. But in the last 7 days? 13 miles. Oops. I wont go into why, the reasons/excuses doesn't matter. The most important part is no, I'm not injured.

I'm trying not to stress about one missed long run. I'm pretty sure it's impossible for one run to ruin months of solid training. I ran 7 miles yesterday, and though it was at a quickish pace, I admit my legs were fatigued afterwards. I'm hoping that it wont take them long to remember what's going on. I certainly have not forgotten what's going on in 25 days!


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