Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Well, it looks like I posted my last blog entry just in the nick of time, because shortly after that, I lost power due to hurricane Sandy. Watching my parking lot flood, and having 100 car alarms going off simultaneously was probably one of the most surreal/scariest things I've witnessed. I am so, so lucky though, because my 2nd floor apartment didn't flood. We lost power for a few days, and just got reliable heat and hot water back yesterday.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who checked in on me, and everyone who cooked for me, let me use their shower, and gave me some place warm to stay. So many people in my area have lost so much, I am grateful for everything I have.

Which brings me to marathon running. After MCM I was so disappointed that I wanted to run another marathon ASAP. And then after the NYCM fiasco, I had friends scrambling to look for another marathon. There were talks of Richmond, VA, Harrisburg, PA, Bucks County, PA, and probably a few others.

With all the devastation around me, the chaos, and inability to unpack/do laundry since I got back from DC, I realized my heart is just not in another 26.2. I am physically exhausted and what I thought was just allergies, is probably a cold starting to develop. As always, I hope my friends find a marathon and are able to focus and run a great race, but I just can't do it again.

Instead I think I'm going to focus on resting now, and refocusing for a March/April marathon. The Snickers Marathon (Albany, GA), Georgia Marathon, or Ocean Drive Marathon (NJ) all seem like good contenders. All small races. I know that's something I definitely want for 2013. If I wait till May, I know there's the NJ Marathon too. That may be more realistic.

I hope everyone reading this is safe and warm. If you have the time, please check out www.nycservice.org, or http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy/, to find out how you can help those who were most devastated by Hurricane Sandy. 


  1. Glad you are safe, and thanks for the links to help. I can't imagine what you all have been through.

  2. Thanks Christy! What's even worse is our area was struck with a crazy snowstorm last night! Commuting has been a test of patience, to say the least.