Friday, May 3, 2013

First race of 2013

Well hello there readers! What a month it has been. I had an amazing run on April 14th, but I was hesitant to blog about it. Tomorrow is Boston and everyone will be reading/writing race reports! No one will read my silly little blog post about my great run. Well, we all know what followed. Then I was out of town for a week. But now I'm back, and I've signed up for my first race in 2013!

I almost can't believe that I haven't run a race yet this year. Then again, thinking about how low my motivation was in January, it's not surprising at all. I'm actually quite excited to run CAMBA's Healthy Way 5k, in Prospect Park this Sunday. I haven't run a 5k in quite some time. I think I'll probably try and run a mile or two before hand to warm up, race the race, then run home to get my total mileage of 8-11 miles.

I'm not really sure what my strategy is for the race. It'll probably be something like, run fast, as fast as you can before you start to cramp up. Run as fast as you can, and when you feel like you're going to pass out, keep pushing to the finish line. Something like that. I'm hoping it's a really small race, and if I can manage to run in the low 8:00's I think I can expect to finish high in my AG. My PR is at an 8:11 pace, so anything around there would make me quite happy! There are prizes for the top 3 females, so who knows?


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