Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's the little things

Memorial Day weekend came and went, and I'm glad to say I was indeed able to run a few miles. 1 very tentative (and slow) test mile on the treadmill on Saturday,  4 miles on Sunday, and 3 miles on my way to yoga on Monday, to be exact. I'm also glad to say I'm feeling 95% better. However, I can tell that despite a week of stretching, my muscles are still extremely tight. I haven't done any sort of speed workout in about two weeks, and knowing today will be 90 degrees out, I'm not sure today is the day to try!

So I guess that's where I am as of right now. Hopefully next Tuesday I will be getting some ART done on the area. I hope when I  speak with the doctor he will be able to explain what's going on and what weakness/imbalance/tightness is causing all these issues. Marathon training is right around the corner, and I definitely don't have the solid base I feel like I've had the past few years.


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