Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 11 - Marathon Brain

I've tried several times in the past week (and a half!) to write up a proper blog post, but every time I start, it just sits as an ugly draft in my Blogger account.

It's not exactly like I haven't had anything to write about, but I'm having a hard time organizing my thoughts into a cohesive post. I call this, "Marathon Brain" We're just under 40 days out to the big day, and I've got a lot of thoughts on my mind. I've been thinking about last weekends Chicago Marathon, and how nearly everyone I knew who ran it struggled in the heat, and puked. Multiple times! Will I have the perseverance to push through any rough spots I'll have in my race? What unexpected things will happen? I've been thinking of all the little aches and pains in my body that have popped up that I've never had before. I've been thinking of the race day weather, will it rain? Will it snow?? Will it be 20 degrees or 50 degrees? What am I going to wear? How will I carry my Hammer Gels/Clif Bars?

I'll also be the first to admit, that I'm experiencing some fatigue mentally each week. My long runs on the weekend have been going well, but then before I know it, time for another long run! And then another! And then another! And now it's darker and colder out in the early mornings and after work, which always makes it harder to get out and go to it.

Speaking of a long run....looks like I've got one on schedule for tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like you are over-thinking things a bit. Just do your thing, and treat the race day as a longer long run, and you'll be fine. As your first, it is just a benchmark. You've already got more than enough miles under your belt!

    I was not one of the pukers on Sunday, but then again, I ran a conservative race, which would be my advice to you!

  2. philly is my first marathon as well, and i'm dealing with all the same thoughts as well. plus almost everyone else i know is starting to taper for nyc, and knowing i still have one 20 miler left kind of sucks ;)

  3. Katie--I've already thought about that! My last 20 miler is on Oct 30/31st...