Friday, October 8, 2010


It's been 9 weeks since i started training for the Philadelphia Marathon. Before that I would average 15-20 miles a week, and if I git 22 or 23 it was a huge deal. Now I'm averaging 25 (on a rest week) to 37 (on a heavy week) I am absolutely amazed at my body's ability to respond and adapt.

But possibly the weirdest thing that has happened to me over the past 9 weeks is a long time nagging pain has actually gone away. It started back in July 2009. I must have been in the middle of training for my second half marathon, NYC. I remember I was out of town visiting my boyfriend and his family in GA, and I went out for a run. By the time I got back to NY I had some nagging knee pain. It was in such an odd spot (inner/rear)  that I was never able to self diagnosis it. I went to a sports physician and he "diagnosed" me with tendonitis, I think, and just gave me some heavy duty IB Profin and told me to rest. The pain would go away when I stopped running, but  once I started up again after a few days it would always come back. It never effected my stride or my form (although it made sitting and some yoga poses extremely painful), so I just kind of ignored it like most runners try to do with aches and pains.

It took me up until a week ago to realize it was gone. It was something I had been dealing with on and off for so long, when it was gone I didn't even realize it. Does that even make sense? The only way I can even try to explain it is that my legs are stronger, and whatever was going on has been fixed due to stronger muscles and joints.

I thought that running a marathon would wear my body down and leave me injured, but it seems like right now, I'm the strongest runner I've ever been.


  1. awesome! that same thing happened to me! my left knee would get totally funky and have inner pain. At some point in the heavy mileage it went away and hasnt returned.

  2. Really?? Maybe it's just our body's way of telling us we need to start running more :p

  3. It sounds like you have been training smart. Great job! You're going to do great!!!