Sunday, April 3, 2011

DNS - Did Not Start

I'm sure many of you are tired of hearing about the following topic. I'm sorry. This is the last time I mention it. Promise.

For those of you that aren't aware, I tweaked something during a workout last Tuesday that has kept me sidelined from running for a few days. The bike was fine, so I was hoping that after a few days of cross training and rest, I could take an easy run on Saturday, and hopefully I'd be ready to run today's More Half Marathon. After a few minutes of running, it was obvious that this tweak had not untweaked. Running wasn't painfully unbearable, but it did hurt, and I knew running on that pain for 13.1 miles was a bad idea. I have another half May 1st, and the RTB Relay a few weeks after that--it just wasn't worth the risk.

I'm not sure which hurt worse--my wallet (the race WAS $70 after all) or my ego. This was the first time I've ever had to miss a race due to an injury/something out of my control. So many of my friends PR'ed this weekend and had amazing races, obviously I wanted to be one of them. It's also really hard not to feel like I've dissapointed a lot of people. I had made plans to meet up with several friends to run the race with them, and I had made plans to meet up with other friends for a post-race brunch. None of those things happened. And of course, you always feel like you've let your coach down. I know none of these things are true. No one is mad, disappointed, or upset with me in any way. Maybe I'm just feeling those things about myself. It's hard to have an aggressive goal, and then feel like you're taking steps backwards.

I finished March with a total of 87 miles, last year I had only run 36. I have about a month to get my sh!t together for the LI Half, and then I get to go on a 200 mile adventure with some of my closest friends. There's a whole lot of year left to run. I know I just need to be optimistic, patient and let myself heal so I can come back strong and race hard.


  1. I'm actually proud of you for playing it safe, sitting this one out & doing what you need to do to get ready for your next race. Remember, May 1st is the one you've had your heart & goals set on. In this case, you did what can sometimes be the hardest thing- show's how smart of a runner you truly are.
    Um, 87 vs 36??? AWESOME!

  2. Injuries are definitely a part of the deal. We all go through them. At least you are able to keep active with the biking. Hope you heal up fast...

  3. agreeing with everything erica said.
    it's HARD to listen to the body, but a few days of a rest is better than a few months out of the running game.
    may 1 is going to be AMAZING!