Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Soon Is Now

I was looking at the calendar to see how far away May 1st was....wait what?? Three weekends away! Crapola! That means one more long run, one taper run, then the race! Can I get a few more weeks? Please??

Despite the fact that I had a killer 8 mile run this weekend (with 5 miles all sub 9:30, and 2 of those miles being sub 9:00, thank you very much) I feel like I am not at all ready for a 2 hour half marathon. And that's okay. I have plans to run at least 3 more half marathons during the year (and likely, I'll probably run at least 6 more) so I know I have plenty of chances to run a 2 hour half. But really, I have no idea what a realistic pace for my half marathon should be. I know I can PR, especially since Long Island is flat. It's crazy to say "I don't feel ready"...but I don't feel ready! I don't want to taper! Maybe it's just race day jitters....


  1. Yay, so soon! Good luck on your last long run!

  2. I definitely know what you mean by wanting a few more weeks. I'm signed up for the Broad Street Run (10miler in Philly) on May 1st, like your half, but was just diagnosed with a mild stress reaction in my left femur. If only I had been diagnosed earlier and had a few more weeks...maybe I could run.

    Have fun on your runs and enjoy the race!

  3. Ugh Lisa, that's terrible! I hope you heal up quickly.