Sunday, June 12, 2011

NYRR Mini 10K (aka Push through Mini)

I'll admit, I am not a huge fan of the 10k race. I have only run two (this one being my third) I would much prefer either running a 5k, or a half marathon. The main reason why I signed up for this race was because my wonderful friend Vee was going to be in town from Philadelphia, and she was running it. This would be her first race in Central Park! I promptly signed up for the race in early May, and forgot about it until a week ago. Then I got a friendly message from my coach asking me if I was running on Saturday.

"I am, but I don't plan on racing it. I don't like 10k's, and I have no desire to race it."

Right now, I realize the stupidity of telling my coach that. He quickly replied "Oh no, you're going to race it. And I think to make sure you don't ease up, I think I'll run with you!"

Mother. Effer. I simultaneously loved the idea and hated the idea. After being accused (and convicted) of "racing lazy" lately, I knew this was not going to be easy. I actually spent most of the week dreading this race. I had no desire to even ask my coach what the plan for me. Since a lot of the race was kind of a blur, I broke it down for a mile by mile replay. My Garmin says I ran 6.3, hence the .3 at the end.

Mile 1 - 9:19
Feeling great. Nice and flat. All systems are giving me the green light!

Mile 2 - 9:23
Nasty little bottle neck slowed me down into the park, but legs felt good. Pushing, but comfortable. 

Mile 3 - 8:51 
Um, this was up Harlem Hill. Not quite sure how I managed this. I think I was excited to get to take my water break after the hill. Still feeling strong. Oh, and now we're halfway done! Yay! This isn't so bad....

Mile 4 - 9:10 
Getting fatigued. 'Squatch reminding me THIS (pointing to my head) is what we need to focus on at this point in the race. And he was right. Definitely wanted to take a walk break right around now.

Mile 5 - 8:38 (oh my god, I'm gonna puke) 
I don't remember much about this mile. I think I got a second wind/burst of energy at some point. Overall average pace was just barely above 9 minute miles, and 'Squatch said Goal #1 was to get it sub 9. Being reminded to swing my arms and use em to my advantage. 

Mile 6 - 8:46 (oh my god, I'm gonna puke or pass out) 
I remember 'Squatch telling me "Catch up to that green thing up there! This is your last mile! Push it!" Breathing was starting to get very labored. Wondered if I'd puke or pass out during this race. Pretty sure I was gonna puke after I crossed the finish line. Wondered how Honey Stinger Waffles would look spewed across the finish line. Hoping I wouldn't puke on anyone's sneakers. Shortly before mile 6 I saw Allen running in the park, and I guess I was still in good shape because I let out a really loud "HEEEEYYYYY!!" 

.3 @ 8:21 pace 
The last 400 meters were miserable. 'Squatch veered of and told me to SPRINT. I'm not sure I had an extra gear at that point, I just kept telling myself DO NOT slow down. Was pretty sure at this point I was going to puke, and then pass out. Breathing was very labored. Okay, was more like gasping for air. Final 200 meters. told myself it would be less than 2 minutes. Just hold it together.Couldn't see the finish line for a long time, then finally saw it as I crested the hill. It still seemed like it was so far away. I wasn't even paying attention to the spectators cheering us on. I had complete tunnel vision, all I could focus on was that giant clock and finish line. I kept trying to run as fast as I could, and then my friend Robin spotted me and yelled my name! I'm not sure what my response was. I think I waved?

Eventually I crossed the finish line, threw my hands on top of my head and tried to get my breathing back and hold myself together. I can't wait to see the photos Brightroom caught of me! No doubt I will be a sweaty mess. I finally looked at the time on my watch, 56:36. Hm, what was my last 10k race? I thought it was about an hour, giving me a 3 1/2 minute PR! Awesome, right? Well, not quite. On my way home I checked my race results from last year. My last 10k was 1:03, meaning I had almost a seven minute PR!! I burst out laughing on the train because it was so crazy. Granted, I know my race pace is not 10:13 anymore, but I just didn't have such expectations for this race. 

I hope this race has knocked the "lazy" running out of me. I suffered quite a bit those last two miles of the race, but seeing all those sub 9 miles, and that huge PR definitely made it all worth it. 


  1. Damn! Nice work on the 7 minute PR! I also heard weather conditions were horrible?

  2. It was VERY humid, but, it was fairly cool, and there was a cool breeze. I didn't really start feeling warm until mile 4 or so. Definitely not optimal race weather, but at least it wasn't 80!

  3. I tried six times to read this, and kept getting distracted.

    I did it though!