Monday, August 29, 2011

Rogue 20

My long runs lately have been very bi-polar. Either they are great and I feel encouraged, or the last 5-6 miles are a struggle and I wonder how I'll ever get through 26.2 on November 6th. I had originally planned to run the Bronx Half Marathon, and maybe even try and push it a little bit and put in a race effort. Well, as I'm sure you've all heard, not only did NY feel the aftershock of an earthquake in Virginia earlier this week, but had a hurricane this weekend too! With the race being canceled, I knew I had to run my 18 miles. And the way it worked out, I was alone, and dreading it. It didn't help either that I was super stressed about impending hurricane and only got about 6 hours sleep.

I had planned an all Brooklyn route that had a few options, depending on how I felt. Here's the route I ended up taking.

I broke up my 18 miles into 3 chunks, the first 6 miles, the middle 6, and finishing the last 6 strong. I was also focused on taking my 3 gels every 4.5-5.5 miles. The first 6 were pretty uneventful, I felt pretty good the first 3-4, but started to feel the effects of my light breakfast so I took my first gel. The middle 6 were mostly in Prospect Park, which is also when I started listening to music. Man, no matter how many times I go up Zoo Hill, it seems to always get me, especially at mile 12! I tried to use all my hill techniques, but still need to work on running hills on tired legs. I felt really strong heading down Ocean Parkway for my final miles. My legs were a bit tired, but I was so happy that I was feeling good, so I thought maybe I'd tack on an extra mile or two to make it a nice round 20 for the weekend. Of course, a few minutes later I started getting this stabbing lower stomach pain. It took me a minute to realize, gee, maybe your hydration belt is a little too tight?! By the time the pain subsided I was probably at mile 17 or so, and decided just to go home and call it a day. It also didn't help that as I was a block away from home   it just started to downpour. I was a little disappointed that I stopped at 18, but who am I kidding, that's what was on my training schedule!

Fast forward to a shower and putting on some nice dry clothes, I went to map out my route for the day so I could upload it to Now, as you probably have noticed, I keep saying I ran 18 miles, but when I mapped out my route, it mapped out to EXACTLY 20. I'm not quite sure how my Garmin "lost" 2 miles, I noticed the mapping was pretty spot on with my Garmin until around the time I got to Prospect Park.

Regardless of the reason, I'm going with the map on this one. So I guess I ran my first 20 miler of the year!


  1. And now we all know where you live, heh heh. Are you in Brighton Beach? I have become obsessed with Brighton Beach after watching Russian Dolls on tv lately. True.

  2. Oh you're such a stalker! I live right by there...if you come visit me we can drink vodka on the boardwalk!

  3. If you're having vodka shots you have to take them with pickled mushrooms. And maybe some pelmeni. Great job on the 20M!

  4. Pickled mushrooms?! That sounds.....awful (coming from someone who loves pickles and sauerkraut!)

  5. By the way, there was 5.8 magnitude earthquake around the eastern area.
    Also, the hurricane Irene arrived already.
    I wonder you are safe?