Friday, December 2, 2011

Running for The Synder Twins

Tuesday I heard some terrible news. It was the type of thing that didn't hit me at first, but once I heard the full extent of the story I was left truly heart broken. Jay Snyder is a voice over that comes into the facility I work at several times a month to do various recordings. A coworker had forwarded everyone the following information.

Michal Lura Friedman lost her life on Friday, November 25, 2011 in New York City, due to complications from a c-section shortly after delivering healthy twins, Jackson James and Reverie Vivian Snyder.
For those of you who never met her, Michal was a passionate, beautiful, talented woman who was thrilled to be pregnant with her first children. Many of you know “Michal the Girl” as a musician, but her greatest dream was to be a mother. Michal and Jay had been trying for the past seven years to make this dream come true. Michal was widely loved, and has left behind many friends, particularly in her Buddhist, musician and voice acting communities.

The more I read, and the more I looked at the images of the twins on my computer, the more devastated I became. The story was so tragic that it was hard to believe it was real. I wanted to do something for Jay and his twins, but I didn't know what it was. A few days had gone by and a coworker mentioned doing a bake sale and donating the money to the family. Then my runner instincts kicked in. What if I ran to raise money?

So I made a plan. For every $5 donated to The Snyder Twins, I'll run 1 mile. If it's more than 20 miles, I'll run it across the first week in January, and if it's over 50 miles, I'll run it in the month of January.

To read more about Jay and the twins, visit You can either comment in this post (anonymously is allowed) with the amount you sent, or send me an email at

 All money goes directly to the Snyder family, and I will keep all information emailed to me private.

As of Dec 4th, I am running 7 miles.


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