Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Checking In

Well, I finally have a laptop again (thank you Black Friday), so I guess there are no more excuses for not updating the site!

Recovery after the Brooklyn Marathon has been...slow. Granted it's only been about 10 days and I've only run twice, but those two runs have left me feeling like I am a newbie all over again. I've been trying to give my body two days in between runs and take yoga and generally be kind to myself, while trying to burn off all the delicious calories I ate over the Thanksgiving weekend.

I've noticed that running post marathon(s) has been so enjoyable. I have no real aim or workout. I just run until I'm back where I started, and then I stop. It's been really refreshing to run for the fun of running. This weekend is the semi-seasonal Beer Run which I've been looking forward to for months. I just hope my legs are up to running the 6 mile route!


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