Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to start a New Year

Um, have I really not blogged in the New Year? Looks like I should have made "blog more often" part of my new years resolution!

January has only been around for 10 days...but I have to admit it's been kind of amazing. I have been surrounded by some great people, doing some amazing things, and working on a scary-yet-exciting business venture.

But I've also started 2012 with a vengeance towards getting myself back in peak shape. I've made a bit of a dietary change (eating vegan during the week, relaxing it while still eating healthy on the weekends) I've also resumed core work and started adding in some interval training (Thanks to BodyRock & the Nike Training Club app!)

I got a bit of a rude awakening this morning, though. I had my body fat % measured. Like a lot of us, my scale at home has a "body fat %" mode where it will magically calculate your percentage of body fat by sending electric pulses through your feet or something. Mine always gave me a number in the high 20's or even 30. I thought this was utter BS. Turns out, not so much, as I was told mine was 26.7%. While the average for someone my age is 24%. I guess that isn't too bad, my BMI is well within a normal range, but it just seems like a lot of body fat. It's just another goal to work towards--getting that number under 25.

I have a general idea of how to do this, but I realize that I know more about how to lose weight (calories in < calories out) and not how to lose fat. I know I definitely need to add muscle and weights into the equation (good bye noodle arms! hello sexy quads!)

So there you guys have it. 2012, I'm gonna kick you in the butt!


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