Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here's to 2012

What a year this has been. I've set a PR in every distance I've run this year (3 mile, 5k, 4 mile, 10k, half, and full marathon) There are very few things I would change about this year running wise. In 2011 I ran 1081 miles, as compared to 800 in 2010.

Looking back at December of last year I can only find or two posts where I spoke about concrete goals I had for 2011. Here's one:

I would also love to find a 5k to see if I can break a 9 minute pace. Seems absurd that last year I ran the Wall Street run in a 9:20 pace.

Check! See Suds N Sunset 5k (8:39 pace) I know I also had the goal to run a 2:00 half marathon. My closest attempt was 2:03, which I think is pretty darn close.

So, for 2012 I am going to make some more concrete running resolutions.

- CONFIDENCE. Without a doubt, anyone who has been training with me this year will tell you I can run faster than I think I can. There have been conversations and bets behind my back! Enough! It's time to put all those doubts and fears aside and let myself embrace my inner honey badger.

- Be compassionate. I am only human. Sometimes I miss a workout. Sometimes I eat too much dessert. It's okay. Take a deep breath, and start over the next day where you left off.

- Sub 2:00 half. Oh yes.

- Run a 4 hour-ish marathon. I truly think I have a faster marathon time in me, it just happens that the NYCM and Brooklyn Marathon are very, very hilly. My gift to myself in 2012 is a flat(ter) marathon.

- Always wear sunscreen on my face! It's important, dummy!

There you go, my 2012 resolutions in a nutshell! What are some of the things that you've resolved to do next year?

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  1. you had such an incredible year and i'm honored to have been a part of it :) SO many PRs, damn girl!

    also, i like your "i am human" approach.. very logical.
    and lol at your sunscreen goal =p true words!