Friday, October 26, 2012

Taper Madness: The Calm Before The Storm

I have been feeling very zen the past few days of my taper. After last night's last run (my last one likely before the marathon) a friend remarked "You're not freaking out! I'm freaking out and I'm not running Sunday!" I can't say exactly why, but with the exception of my mini-freakout while finishing up packing this morning, I have been very calm. 

A friend of mine tweeted an article from, titled "Use Positive Visualization to Sharpen Mental Focus and Improve Performance", and I thought it was appropriate for not only people racing Marine Corp on Sunday, but for those racing in NYC.

Practice this technique to promote a positive mindset before you tackle real action:
  • Close your eyes and keep a focused, relaxed attention
  • Begin to build concentration by envisioning details about your technique—how you hold the ball, your stance and posture
  • Imagine going through the motions that allow you to successfully execute the movement; see the ball travel to the desired spot
  • Imagine the feeling of success; what you see in your mind subconsciously sticks

I love the idea of thinking positive, especially when the race conditions for Sunday seem like they will be challenging at times. I am trying not to focus on how hard it will be running into the wind, rather thinking about how wonderful it will feel to have the wind at my back pushing me along. Obviously, if weather conditions are really terrible, I will have to scale back my pace most likely, and though I'm not happy about that thought, it is what it is. It could also turn out that the wind is at our backs for most of the race, and it might even help us! 

I cam across the other day and this might be my new favorite website. He says any parts of the course that are facing North/North East will be in to the wind, and looking at the course map, that seems like it's about half the course. (Although we are heading north to the finish...)

Maybe I'm being stupidly optimistic. But 26.2 miles is a long way to go, and I'd rather toe the line with a smile on my face, then to dread the next 4 hours ahead!

Good luck to everyone running the Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday! Oorah!


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