Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Year in Review

As of today, I've run 1,016 miles this year. Not bad considering between Nov/Dec I've probably run about 30 miles. I love to use this time of year to reflect back on my year of training, and what I had hopped to accomplish.

Goals for 2012:

- CONFIDENCE. Without a doubt, anyone who has been training with me this year will tell you I can run faster than I think I can. There have been conversations and bets behind my back! Enough! It's time to put all those doubts and fears aside and let myself embrace my inner honey badger.
Did I do it? Eh, I'd say I'm getting better.

- Be compassionate. I am only human. Sometimes I miss a workout. Sometimes I eat too much dessert. It's okay. Take a deep breath, and start over the next day where you left off. Did I do it? Again, I'd say I'm getting better.

- Sub 2:00 half. Oh yes. Did I do it? Oh hells yes! 1:57:57.

- Run a 4 hour-ish marathon. I truly think I have a faster marathon time in me, it just happens that the NYCM and Brooklyn Marathon are very, very hilly. My gift to myself in 2012 is a flat(ter) marathon. Did I do it? Not really. 4:24 was my PR this year.

- Always wear sunscreen on my face! It's important, dummy! Did I do it? Definitely was better this year, though I know there were days I forgot it.

So, with all that said, what are my goals for 2013?
Sub 8-minute 5k. My PR this year was 8:19 pace, would love to get it in the 7:xx range.
Other then that...I want to get faster overall. Even if I don't run another marathon next year, I want to get faster, and continue to stay injury free! And have fun. And be proud of the fact that I've shaved almost half an hour off my first half marathon, almost half an hour off my first marathon, and about 5 minutes off my first 5k.

What are some of your goals for next year?


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