Monday, June 17, 2013

Crunch Time

Hello blog readers! Not much has changed from my last post. I have been able to do a few short runs and I feel fairly good. Not 100% pain free, but not in serious pain either.

Sunday I rode my bike 20 miles and then ran 2.5 miles. Holy crap, THAT'S what a brick workout feels like?? Talk about dead legs. But at the same time, I was just so happy to be running, even though my heart rate felt very high, I was happy to run the farthest I have in 2-3 weeks.

I've also been working on my hamstrings, and have been doing dead lifts, squats, bridges and curls. Needless to say I'm a little sore.

Reading through my Twitter feed this weekend was a little tough. Apparently this weekend was the first long run of the NYCM training season for many of my friends. Not only did it suck that I couldn't be out there running with them, but this really made me think how far behind I am this year. I can barely run a 5k right now, how am I going to be able to run 26.2 in November? I haven't made any final (or rash) decisions yet, but I know I have about a month. If I can't run a 10k by the middle of July I know there's little chance I'll be able to train for the marathon, especially if I want to PR, and not "just finish." I'm mentally prepared to drop down to the half, train well for it, and crush it. That would certainly wouldn't be ideal, but it's better than not running in Philly at all. In a way, that would relieve a lot of the marathon pressure. I'm not saying I want to be injured, or I don't want to run the marathon, but it would just be less pressure. Yanno?

I'm trying not to stress about it, or worry about the injury flaring up again in the middle of training. I'm just going to focus on running day by day and see what happens.


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