Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Wrap-Up

I couldn't think of a more creative title for this post, so there you have it. It's been a good week, dare I say a great week for my running. I've run TEN miles this week. I had a glorious 5 miler in the rain on Tuesday, took an unintended hot yoga class Wednesday (it wasn't a Bikram class, but man, the room was just hot and stuffed with sweaty bodies. And a hot yoga teacher that looked like Dax Shepard) and then Thursday I decided to test my legs by going into Central Park and seeing how they fared on the hills.

It was kind of glorious, and I laughed that I ran a 8:59 mile, going down Cat Hill. But let me be was a really tough run. And I stopped to walk a few times. And after 2.5 miles I was exhausted. And my hamstrings were so sore, and my butt was kind of sore. Did I mention I was completely exhausted?

Look at me! I got this shirt from my coach a month ago and haven't been able to wear it since the Brooklyn Half. I am so happy to be wearing it that I took an embarrassing bathroom selfie.

But I did it. I ran 5 miles. It felt so good, that I think I'll sign up for the Get Outside Governor's Island 10k. It's flat, so it shouldn't aggravate my leg much. I'm hoping I can make it under and hour, and continue to run pain free. That's about the only goal I have right now.

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