Friday, June 28, 2013

The Wendy Davis Sneaker

I don't write or speak about politics much. It's not that I don't have opinions, but I often feel like I'm not articulate enough to put up a good fight/debate against others. And most of the time arguing politics feels like you're bashing your head into a wall, and honestly I get enough of the wall during marathon training. Hyuk hyuk. 
But, something happened this week, and I think it's relevant that I post about it on my blog. On Tuesday, this happened: 

The Fort Worth Democrat (Wendy Davis) stood and spoke for nearly 11 hours Tuesday to run out the clock on a sweeping bill that could have closed all but five abortion clinics in the Lone Star State. Under the quirky rules of the Texas Senate, Davis wasn't allowed to eat, drink, sit, use the bathroom, speak off-topic or lean against any furniture for the entirety of her marathon filibuster attempt. 

This little blurb barely describes the enormity of what Wendy Davis did on Tuesday. The Internet being the way it is, tends to pick up on funny things, and for some reason, they picked up on the "Candy Apple" Mizuno's that Wendy was wearing. 

The perfect sneaker....when you need to run 2 marathons, or defend your reproductive rights from crotchety old men!
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If you have a moment, you can read through all of the comments on the Amazon product page here, they are hilarious and clever. Admittedly, though I haven't liked the Mizuno's I've tried on in the past, I would give these a shot. 

There was one comment however, that really struck me as having the perfect spirit of both the marathon runner, and of politicians like Davis. 

989 of 999 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I'm only gonna run a half marathon in these: Who do you think I am, Wendy Davis?,June 26, 2013
This review is from: Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 16 Running Shoe (Apparel)
I bought them in pink with green stripe. I will put them on my feet when I need to run far. When I am tired, I will ask myself: WWWD?! Then I will keep running.

We will always keep running. 


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