Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Winging It

I was on such a blogging roll, and then I fell off the wagon. Or the blog wave. Or whatever. I've been running here and there, my weekly mileage topping off at about 15-16 miles, which I'm actually happy with. I ran a 6 miler on Saturday and I was so hot and uncomfortable. I actually stopped in my gym to refill my water bottle and throw some cold water on myself.

I started the above blog post about ten days ago, and that's where I ended. Funny enough, I ran 7 miles on Sunday and it pretty much went/ended the same way. Grapefruit flavored Enduralyte water never tasted so good.

I know most of my friends who are running NYCM are in their 2nd or 3rd week of training. (I think) I have no idea what "week" I am in for Philly training. I have no idea what my plan is, I have no idea what my goal is. And the reason is simple, I just don't care. I've realized the past few days that I don't care about my training this cycle. Things in my life are hectic and everything is up in the air. Frankly, running the marathon isn't my top priority. (I wish I would have realized this 3 months ago before I registered for the darn thing) Don't get me wrong, I feel lucky and fortunate that I can run and that I'm healthy enough to run. But the stress of training for months and months to try and PR? No thanks. I can't deal with that right now.

This realization is kind of nice, and freeing. Of course, just because I'm registered for the race doesn't mean I even have to train for it. I could DNS. I don't really like the thought of that though. Summer running isn't enjoyable, but it still helps give me a tiny bit of sanity that I so desperately need.

So onward to summer training, or something like it!


  1. That's how I was feeling towards Challenge Penticton this year. And so I did decide to not even go to the start in August.

    It's quite freeing to know you don't HAVE to train, but you CAN train if you want to, for anything you want. Go take some kickboxing and help relieve some that stress through pounding the crap out of someone (=

  2. That may be dangerous to everyone else around me ;)

  3. I get this. I mean, I'm doing hardcore, official *training* for MCM this year, but it's my first marathon ever. I'm not a planner (it's totally against my nature), so I can already predict that this is gonna be the only time in my life that I follow any kind of training plan. I am enjoying the experience of knowing what it's like for runners who do go through training plans--it's nice to understand what running is like for them--but I'm gonna relish slipping back into my erratic, eccentric running behavior when this marathon is over.

    I feel like a big part of enjoying running is making sure the whole activity of it jives with your personality type. When the way you're running clashes with who you are, it gets boring or horrible (somewhere on that spectrum). I think we all have a "groove" that is specially chiseled just for us. We just have to find it and slip in. (That's what she said?)

    Anyway, I hope you blog MORE because I love your posts. :)

    1. Let me just say, this comment made my day! I love your comments, too! I will try my best to keep up blogging, I'm glad there's at least one person out there who enjoys it ;)